Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Q&A entry... it is...the Q&A entry.
Feel free to ask me anything.  All questions will be answered in the order they are posted & if there is something too personal for my liking, I will politely say so.  All questions should help you to suggest something for my 40 things to do.



  1. These questions are from Frog who posted them in a previous entry.

    1-fav crayon colour?
    Blue or green

    2-places you'd never go...
    Hmm...good question. A guess w/a stranger is the one place I'd never go...well, that or New Jersey!! haha...

    3-concerts you WISHED you had attended!
    Another good one...not sure as I've been to several concerts.

    4-most memorable concerts!?
    Sting at the Beacon Theater because he kissed my hand after the show & told me I have beautiful eyes! True brother can prove it!!!

  2. 2 New Jersey! ha! I love the show Jerseylicious.
    4 WOW!!!!