Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

What about Thanksgiving???

I went for a walk to get something to eat & I see some people actually putting up Christmas lights!  OMG!  It's not even Thanksgiving yet! I have to start worrying about my holiday shopping earlier than expected.

So what's new peeps?  What's going on in the blogging world?  I'm still a little under the weather.  So much so that I actually canceled my training session tomorrow night.  I figured I'd cancel if I was still feeling yucky this weekend & well, I am still a little stuffed up.  Oh joy!  I hate being sick!  At least I have my appetite back tonight.  I was hungry earlier which forced me to walk down to the supermarket...which is how I spotted the people putting up the Christmas decorations...which prompted this blog.

And here I am...blogging...

I've been giving some thought to my purpose for this blog.  The whole 40 things idea...which I am still really excited about doing.  I was wondering why there aren't more suggestions.  Is it because you don't know anything to suggest?  Or is it because you don't know me?  So then I was thinking about doing a Q&A blog.  I figured you could all ask me something that might help you decide on a suggestion for me.  I'm still wondering on that...I'll post a new entry for it if I actually think it would work.

So what's new?  What has everyone been up to lately?  How is this blog site treating you?  I'm still learning my way around this blog site.  I keep finding the same blogs which is okay, but I would like more options.  Guess I have to learn more, huh?

Well...happy bogging!


  1. I would like to get you more suggestions. What about throwing a Christmas party on your birthday. When is your birthday?

  2. My birthday is May 19th...but throwing a Christmas party on my birthday would be funny!

  3. Hey, i saw two skeleton hands by your house last month and was thinking...OH that is what happened to the trainer that used to ...spank ya?'s Nov now and the evidence is ...gone!

    1-fav crayon colour?
    2-places you'd never go...
    3-concerts you WISHED you had attended!
    4-most memorable concerts!?


  4. Frog, I'm answering your questions in the Q&A entry.

    As for the hands, they were for Halloween...but that's funny you thought it would be my trainer!