Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hat trick on the day....8/20/11

To know me is to know that I need to be set with my plans.  I must have everything down to the smallest detail planned out ahead of time before I can commit to doing something or going someplace.  It's just how I am.  Since planning these 40 celebrations, I'm learning to let go...well...a little at least.  I'm learning that I need to stop stressing about the little details.  I need to let the day take me wherever I am meant to be taken.  I have to let the chips fall where they may & make the most of it.  Overall, I'm learning to sit back, a little more, & let the fun happen!

I love this blog mission!

So today I will knock three things off of my list -
#122 go on the ferris wheel at the Toys R Us in Times Square
#137 go to Build A Bear
#150 go to Ellen's Stardust diner in NYC

Thank you Trisha, Nicole, Stephanie & Ryan for giving me more great memories.  Thank you all for sharing in yet another celebration & for providing lots of laughs.  I always enjoy your company.  I'm looking forward to the next celebration that you will all join me for!

Trisha, thank you for driving.  You were right.  It was better than trying to schlep everything & everyone on the LIRR!!

Our adventure this day starts with a ride from Queens into Manhattan.  A minivan with two adults & three hyper kids setting out for what is sure to be an amazing day. 

Let the fun begin!!

I have to point out that Stephanie is super duper hyped up for #137 go to Build A Bear.  This was her suggestion & she has been on me about doing it.  Well today, it will get done!

Upon our arrival in the city, Trisha finds a parking garage within walking distance of the Build A Bear.  She will lay out the day's agenda -
Toys R Us first
Ellen's next
Build A Bear last

Stephanie will try to rationalize why we need to go to Build A Bear first, but she will lose her arguement.  Nice try Steph.  But she knows we are going there at some point today...her excitement will have time to build up more.

We start our adventure with a walk to the Toys R Us in Times Square.

I love Times Square!  I love the bright lights, the gianormous billboards, the stores, the endless photo opportunities, the crazy New Yorkers...even the annoying tourists.  I love NYC for all it's beauty, it's faults, it's sites & it's culture.  But mostly I love that I can get here any time I want!

The Toys R Us in Times Square is huge.  And right in the middle of the store is a great big ferris wheel.

#122 go on the ferris wheel at the Toys R Us in Times Square - DONE!
To ride this ferris wheel, you will need to buy a ticket at the cost of $4.50 a person.  Let me tell you, it's money well spent!  You will then have to wait on a line.  This allows for time to talk to the people with you.  And your main discussion on this line will be about which themed car you want.

There are several themed cars on this ferris wheel.  Scooby Doo, Geoffrey the Giraffe with ET, the Monopoly Game, M&M's, Mega Blocks, My Little Pony, Barbie's Corvette, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, Nickelodeon, & Toy Story.  There might be others...I lost track.  I was busy thinking about which car I wanted.

For the record, I wanted Toy Story or The Potato Heads.

While waiting on line discussing which car we wanted, Ryan will teach us a valuable lesson.  With his adorable smile & those gorgeous eyes lighting up the store, he will politely announce -

'You get what you get & you don't get upset'.

How profound!
How sweet!
How adorable coming from this 6 year old cutie!

A father with his kids on line ahead of us will overhear these words & laugh.  He'll aske me where my 'son' gets it from.  For the record Trisha,  I pointed to you & said 'his mom'. 

'You get what you get & you don't get upset'...
It sounds like something Dr. Suess should have taught us...but alas, it is not.  While I've Googled the phrase to find its origins, it keeps giving credit to teachers, although a definite name it does not share.

Ryan will credit his teacher with having taught his class these words of wisdom.  And it is Ryan who will get credit for sharing these words with us today.

At last our car arrives...


Toy Story it is!!

And away we go....
We're told that your ticket gets you five rotations on the ferris wheel.  We'll luck out & get eight, maybe nine, but we lost count.  We were having too much fun laughing, so we lost count.

Nicole will get us to sing 'I Want Candy' as we pass the Wonka section. 
I get everyone to wave to people watching us on the ride.

After the ride, we'll meet Trisha at the photo kiosk.  When you go on the ferris wheel, someone takes your picture so of course you want to see the off chance you want a souvenir of the days ride.  We get it. 

We then check out the Wonka section & of course we all picked up some candy.
Then it's off to Ellen's for lunch.

#150 go to Ellen's Stardust diner in NYC - DONE!
For those of you that have never been to the Stardust diner, allow me to explain...the waitstaff here are actors/singers/wannabe Broadway stars.  They sing in between taking orders.  And they do a really great job!  Some may have already been in a Broadway play or show.  Some might be waiting for their big break.  But they all have the goal of making it big!

Our waitress will delight the crowd today with a melodic rendition of James Taylor's 'You've Got a Friend'.  She was good.  After her performance, she will come upstairs to us & take our order.

Ryan & Stephanie will have time before the food arrives to win some games in the Claw Machine.  Ryan is great at this!  He will win a few little prizes.  He even went so far as to get a little red dog for his big sister, Nicole.  Aww!!!  So sweet, rght?

Nicole, if you are reading this, I hope you know how selfless this was for your brother to win that dog for you.  He knew how much you wanted it.  And you should be proud of him for getting it for you!  I know I'd be happy!

Our food arrives pretty quickly & everything is delicious!
Nicole & I shared a Philly Cheesesteak with waffle fries.  Everything was yummy!

Now for the best part.....DESSERT!!!

No trip to Ellen's Stardust diner is complete unless you've had dessert.  And I'm not just saying that because my best friend, Raul Iglesias, is their Pastry Chef.  I'm saying it because the desserts are so delightfully delicious!

After some discussion, it's agreed that we'll share a slice each of the Chocolate Cream Pie & the Radio City.

The Chocolate Cream Pie is a must for you chocoholics.  It's decadently sinful!  Under a pile of freshly made whipped cream is a layer of smooth freshly made chocolate pudding on a graham cracker crust.  Between the five of us, this dessert will be devoured!  Not even a crumb will be left on the plate!

While everyone else loved the Chocolate Cream Pie, I loved the Radio City slice.  It's a vanilla & strawberry checkerboard cake, with a strawberry white chocolate mousse center, covered with pink strawberry frosting & dusted with edible pink glitter.  It's almost too pretty to eat...but take a bite.  You'll thank me later for suggesting it.  In fact, I could really go for a bite of it now!

Raul, we loved the desserts!  I know you're used to me complimenting your desserts, but these were once again worthy of the praise.  Your passion for flavor comes out on the plate.  I'm proud of you!

On to the next celebration...
#137 go to Build A Bear - DONE!

As I've stated, this is Stephanie's suggestion & I know she is excited about doing it.  I am too!  I know she is thrilled as we enter the store....well, so was I!

For those that may not know about this store, allow me to explain.  You get to choose from various animal skins to make.  You also get tons of outfits, shoes & accessories to add to your animal selection.  Once you pick out your animal, you get it stuffed.  While it's being stuffed, you will be asked to pick out a heart from this bin.  Then you'll be directed to close your eyes, make a wish, then kiss the heart that will then be put into your animal before it gets sewn shut.

The Build A Bear in Times Square is apparently the only location that has dinosaurs, so Stephanie & I will decide to make dinos.  She guides us to the lower level of the store to the dino area.  Stephanie is quick to pick up a triceratops & I grab the T-Rex.

But what will we end up getting?
Marble Monkeys!

See I had walked around looking for an outfit for my T-Rex, but nothing worked.  Then I stumbled upon a NY Ranger uniform & decided I wanted the uniform more than I wanted the T-Rex. 

So back to the selection of skins as the T-Rex was put back for someone else to have.

For the record, there are just too many selections to pick from! 
I don't know how these kids do it!

So after a few more changes from the T-Rex, to the I Love NY bear, the Chocolate Cookie Dough Bear, the Tabby Cat, to Hello Kitty....I will find the Marble Monkey.  He wins!  He looks best in the NY Ranger uniform.

Stephanie will see the Marble Monkey in my arms & decide she loves him.  Sorry triceratops, but you are going back.  Stephanie will also grab a Marble Monkey & dress him in a NY Mets David Wright uniform.

Together our Marble Monkeys will bring us fond memories on the day.  I will forver look at my Marble Monkey & think of Stephanie's.  It will always make me smile.

Stephanie, thanks for the suggestion of going to Build A Bear.  I know how super duper excited you were to go.  I was too!  And I love that we ended up with the same monkey!  I'm glad we got to share this celebration.  So...when are we going back? 

During this gorgeous day, we'll also hit the Eloise store at the Plaza, pop into FAO Schwartz, & even stumble into a street fair.  While these things weren't on my list, they definitely add great memories to the day.

Once again Stephanie reminds me, 'Best day ever'.  Yes chickie, it is! 

So now with 8 celebrations done, 32 remain.
I'm enjoying myself.  I'm having fun.  I think that's what birthdays should be about.  Hmm...maybe I need to do this for every birthday!  Maybe then I'll start liking birthdays.

I'm looking forward to the next celebration.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the day....