Saturday, November 20, 2010

My thoughts tonight...

I've been thinking of selling some stuff on ebay to help pay for some of these 40 weeks.  I would love to do some traveling as part of this mission, so I'm going to need some extra loot. 

Speaking of my 40 weeks...I've come up w/a few ideas of my own for suggestions.  I'm going to add them to my list for consideration...
- learn to speak Spanish
- read 'War & Peace'
- get a tattoo
- take Salsa lessons
- take a cooking class
- get set up on a blind date
- hostess a tea party

I can't explain why I'm even hooked on this mission.  I normally don't make a big deal about my birthday.  I've had the habit of taking the day off from work & spending the day in the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.  (I love that museum.)  But for some reason I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday next year.  I'm looking forward to 40 weeks of doing something fun.

By the way, I printed out a calendar for next year.  I've decided that I am going to start these 40 weeks on May 1, 2011.  They will end the last week of January 2012.  Damn...that seems so far away!  I'll start planning out the weeks as the list gets narrowed down.  And I'm sure I'll have to plan the money issue for each week...thus my possible ebay venture.

For now...I want more suggestions.  Hey...I did say this was an interactive start interacting!  Yes, I can be a bit demanding.  It's all good!



  1. Is your birthday end of january? mine too! i think all your ideas are good. what about going to buy bread in a bikini? (if the bakery is not too far that is.)

  2. My birthday is actually in May.
    Going to buy bread in a bikini...haha! That is funny! We don't have a bakery that close to me...but maybe I can do something get into a bikini!!! I am still too big for one. Hmmm...let me think on this one.

  3. oh. i too didn't imagine the 40 weeks were still WEEEEKS away?? did you read the one about riding/renting a Harley Davidson? vroom vroom?
    ps/did you update the style here? your blog looks & smells like fresh paint!


  4. Dee, I have changed the color a few times. I like this layout...for now at least! As for the start being so far away...yea, I started this early to get a list of 40 things to do. I am beginnging to get worried that I'm not going to make it. But we'll see. I will add the ride a Harley to the list. Thanks!