Thursday, September 22, 2011

Take me out to the ball game....

It started that night at the jewelry crazy friend Awilda & her cousin Denise will venture out from da Bronx to Queens to come see me.  I love my friends that are willing to travel to see me or meet me.

It's during this party that I will share my 40 things list & allow for changes & suggestions.  I love the changes.  In fact, I think Awilda & Denise know which events they want to join me for....which makes me want to do them soon!!!

And it's during this party that I know Awilda is scheming.....but we'll get to that a little later....

Denise explains she's a foodie...someone who loves to eat!  As am I which would explain why I already love this chick.  She suggests changing Sylvia's to Melba's for the chicken & waffles.  Done.  And she says I need to stay away from Havana for Cuban food.  It's a 'tourist trap'.  Done.

After finishing the bottle of Sweet Bitch, the jewelry show comes to an end.  I have my changed & updated list & tons of great memories. 

Fast forward a few days....Awilda sends me a text asking me if I'd like to go to a Mets game.  She remembered that I had go to a Mets game on my list.  What a sweetie, right?? 

So of course I say yes, I would love to go!!!

Then she texts that she has a fourth ticket & asks if there is someone special I'd like to bring....


I start to wonder. 
Is she looking to see if I'm seeing someone?
Is she asking for permission to set me up?
Does she have someone in mind already?
Did she have someone in mind from the night of the jewelry party?


So I take the leap.  I tell her there is no one special I'd like to bring.....then I jump right off the cliff...I ask her if she can set me up with someone.

Then the fear kicks in.
Panic attacks my heart.

Holy sheep!!!

Did I really do this?

Did I really ask her to set me up?

Haven't I learned enough this last year that my friends cannot find a decent guy for me?

Did I really throw myself out there?

Awilda texts back...'give me a few minutes'....

A few minutes?!?!?!?!

Are you nuts?!?!?!

In a few minutes I'm going to freak out.

In a few minutes I'm going to run screaming up & down my street.

In a few minutes my head is going to implode!!!

And then I hear it.  The text jingle on my cell phone indicating a new message has arrived.

It's Awilda.

One simply life changing message awaits me.

'It's all set'.

Holy sheep!!!

I did it.

I put myself out there.

I let it happen.

I did nothing to even delay it.

There's no backing out now.

'It's all set'.


Now I have a few days to let it all sink in.  I have the weekend to fret & make myself nuts about it.

Friday night I get a text from Awilda.  She is in Queens & wants to meet me to give me the Mets ticket.  We meet up for dinner at the Georgia Diner.  Great place!

During dinner she refuses to tell me anything about George.  She wants this to be a 'truly' blind date.  She'll only tell me that she thinks we'd hit it off.

Side note here....Awilda is truly a very thoughtful person.  Not only did she remember that I had the Mets game on my list, but she also noted that I want to learn to speak Spanish.  It's during this dinner that she give me a Spanish dictionary.   I love it!!!

Monday night arrives & I'm excited.  I'm looking forward to seeing my beloved NY Mets.  I'm looking forward to finally getting to CitiField.  And most of all, I'm looking forward to meeting George.

#82 go see the Mets at CitiField
Done!!  9/12/11

There's nothing like going to a baseball game.  The roar of the crowd, the crack of the bat, foul balls, homeruns, the smell of hot dogs, beer & pretzels....Oh yes, take me out to the ball game any time!

Our plan for tonight is for George & I to meet Awilda outside the Left Field gate.  I arrive first & find Awilda waving to get my attention.

I love this chick!  She's asombroso (amazing)!  She is there with a book under her arm.  It's for me.  She says she found it in a used bookstore & thought of me.  It's a 1964 edition of Joy of Cooking.  OMG!  I love it!  This is probably the most amazing gift ever!  She says she thought I'd like it...

No Awilda, I don't like it.....I love it!!!!  Seriously babe, this is the sweetest gift!  I love trying new things to cook.  And I love used books.  With this book I'll wonder what the owner before me cooked.  And did they share their food with friends as I plan to do???

Now we have to wait for George.
It turns out George is venturing out to Queens from New Jersey.  What a guy!  That's sweet.  Especially since he's coming straight from work. 

He arrives & we are quickly introduced.
First impression....he has gorgeous eyelashes & I love the way he hugged Awilda.  It's sweet.  Yup...this is going to be a good blind date.

We chat as we make our way to our seats.
Section 138, row 18.

I feel like a kid in a candy store without adult supervision.  I'm overwhelmed & impressed all at once with CitiField.  It's perfect.  There is plenty of food & shopping.  Oh & of course baseball!!

Having grown up in Queens about 10 minutes away from Shea Stadium, I grew up a Mets fan.  Shea was torn down so that CitiField could be built.  It's pretty much the same site as Shea, only a few feet away.  Odd.  But whatever.  It's awesome!

Tonight the Mets will host the Washington Nationals.  They will lose 3-2.  Don't ask me to give any details of the game.  I can't....well, other than the score.  I was busy with friends having a great time!!

#10 get set up on a blind date
Done!!  9/12/11

Let me explain why this one even made the list.   I date pretty often.  Mostly one or two dates per guy.  I haven't had a serious relationship in some time.  Maybe I'm too critical or too quick to lose interest.  Or maybe I'm just picking the wrong guys.

I've let friends introduce me to guys, but nothing's ever worked out. 

So until this night, I have never been on a true blind date.  I've never given up control to someone to set me up.  I've never trusted anyone....till now.

Awilda, thank you.  You were right about George.... 

Speaking of George, I know my friends are going to want to know about him....I'll say this much...he is truly a gentleman.  He made sure Awilda & I were taken care of all night.  And he walked me to my front door after driving me home! 

Guys, take's the little things that real women appreciate!  While flowers are nice, good manners mean a lot more!

George ended up calling me a few days later.  He was going to Florida to visit family & we are going to talk again about getting together.....

I now need to ask a favor....George's father suffered a stroke.  Please keep him in your prayers so that he gets better soon!  Thank you.

And with these two things checked off of the list, 11 celebrations are done; 29 remain.

A view from our seats -

A funny sign in the ladies room that made me laugh.  Ladies, I thought you'd like this one!

In honor of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 -

We spotted this in the parking lot by accident.  Apparently all the old bases from Shea are marked by plaques like this one -

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