Monday, September 26, 2011

Children of the Corn

#134 Go through the Corn Maize Maze at the Queens County Farm ~ see if you can get out in 40 mins or less

DONE 9/18/11

First off, thank you Stephanie for getting us out of the maze alive!!  I will always follow you kiddo!

Thank you Raul, Nicole, Stephanie & Ryan for joining me on yet another celebration.  I love these times with you.  We always have fun!

Every year the Queens County Farm has a Corn Maize Maze.  And every year I say I'm going to go through it.  After this year, I doubt I'll even want to eat corn again!

Okay, that's not true.

I love corn!
I love corn on the cob, slathered in butter & salt!
I love cornbread!
I love popcorn!

And I probably will go through the corn maze again....but maybe not till next year!

To start, you are directed to pick a team flag.  Raul picks a red & yellow flag one that he declares represents his Spanish heritage.

Now it's time for the Stalk Talk.  We're informed that this years theme is baseball.  The cornfield is in the pattern of a ballfield.  To make it out alive, you have to follow these colored ribbons along the path.  Each color represents a part of the baseball field.

Located throughout the maze are nine mailboxes.  At each mailbox station you'll find a numbered piece to a puzzle & tape dispensers.  You collect the nine pieces to complete the map of the maze.  This shows you the way to get out alive.

After the Stalk Talk, your map gets stamped with the time you start your adventure into the maze.

Now the fun begins!

Time in - 2:53pm
Let's see if we can make it out in 40 minutes or less!

As you stroll thought the maze looking for the mailbox stations, there are announcements being made over these loudspeakers.  We're informed that the record on the day is nine minutes.  Apparently it took a team nine minutes to get out.  While Raul is quickly suspicious of this record, Nicole announces that we are going to beat it! 

Slowly we'll luck out & find a few mailboxes.  For the record, it's not neccessary to find all nine pieces!  It's more important to follow the colors of the ribbons.  Pay attention to what part of the field they represent & you can make it out alive!

White being the color you want to follow to the end!

We ended up finding eight of the nine pieces.  #1 was the missing piece we won't find.  Oh well.

We stumbled onto the exit under the leadership of Stephanie!   Thankfully she will get us out alive!!  It's pretty much at this point that we were ready to eat through the corn just to get out!!

Time out ~ 3:30pm
Done in 37 minutes!!!!  Yippee!!!!

Now that I am out alive, I can honestly say I had fun.  It was a bit of a challenge to find the mailboxes blindly....but we did pretty good.

And would I do it again?
Sure....just not any time too soon.
Maybe next month....or next year. 

So with 12 celebrations done, 28 remain.
I'm glad I did this blog mission.  It's turning out to be a great birthday gift to myself.  I don't think I would have appreciated this mission at 20 or 30.  I think at 40 I was ready for this challenge.  I'm definitely enjoying these celebrations. 

I can't wait for what's next......

Some pics on the day.......

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