Thursday, September 22, 2011

For Meredith....

#159 Hostess a Stella & Dot party
Done!  8/21 & 9/2/11

When a friend calls me for help, I try to make myself available for them.  So when my friend Meredith asked me to help her with her new venture, I figured why not.  After all, it's a night to play with jewelry & of course make cupcakes!

So we set the first party for Sun, Aug 21st.

Meri will meet me for lunch the week before the party.  She gives me catalogs & flyers.  Plus she plays show & tell with a few pieces of jewelry that she is wearing.  And then out comes the gorgeous ring that I have to own.  The Soiree Trio ring.

Simply put it's gorgeous.  It's a stunning ring & I have to get it.  And dare I say it, this ring looks gorgeous on me!!


Later that night I'll start telling everyone about this jewelry party.  And through Facebook I'll post an event for the party & invite everyone.

Now I'll wait for responses.

Days before the party, I keep posting reminders on Facebook.  I keep sharing links to certain items that I think people would like.  Hopefully this will generate some interest.

The first party was on a Sunday afternoon.  Meri showed up as I was frosting cupcakes.  So while she came in & set up the jewelry I finished frosting the cupcakes.

Sadly, this party will see only four guests & get one sale.

While I'm thrilled Meri asked me to do this party, I feel like I let her down.

So we agree to hit the do over button & have another party.  The second time will be a Friday night party.

It's during this party I will discover a lovely new brand of wine, reconnect with an old friend fron high school, make a new friend & sadly, lose some friends on Facebook drama.

The wine - found purely by accident at my local liquor store.  I bought it solely based on the name & label....
Sweet Bitch.

Yup, that really is the name of the wine.
It's a lovely Shiraz made in Chile.
It will turn out to be the big hit of the night.

FYI...Sweet Bitch also puts out various reds & white wines.  I plan to try them all.

The old friend - Awilda.  I love this chick!  It's been over 20 years since we have seen each other, but I love this crazy chick like I saw her last week.  She has not changed a bit!  She is still amazing!

The new friend - Denise, Awilda's cousin.  I just met this chick & already I love her!  She is a sweetheart.  I can tell instantly she is someone I would love to be friends with for life.  Plus she is a cut from the same crazy cloth as Awilda, so I gotta love her! 

The lost friends - they don't deserve another moment of my time.....

Awilda & Denise are instantly into playing with the jewelry. 

I pop open the bottle of Sweet Bitch & it's party time!

It's during this party that we end up talking about my 40 things list.  I will share the list with them & allow for changes & suggestions.  I believe they are going to be some great changes.  I'm definitely looking forward to a few things now based on these changes.

Meri, thank you for convincing me to do the parties.  I had fun!

And thank you Trisha, Kathy & Denise for shopping!  I hope you enjoy your jewelry.

This makes celebration #9 done....31 more to go!

Stay tuned....more fun is on the way!!

The Bardot bracelets that look like a Slinky.
I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted the gold or silver, so I got both!
And of course the famous lemon cupcakes with fudge frosting...

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