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Who knew coloring Easter eggs could be so much fun?

# 188 - color Easter eggs
Done 4/4/12

For the record, I have never colored Easter eggs before....till now.

Sometimes it's good to be a kid again.  To do things from your childhood over or for the first time.  You allow yourself to laugh & be less guarded.  And if you're around the right people, you'll find they will share in that great moment.  They might even encourage you!

As I said, this was my first eggsperience coloring Easter eggs!  Sorry for the pun...Stephanie & I were doing them all night.

What prompted me to add this to my 40 celebrations?
I just thought it would be something fun to do.  And boy was I right!

So where do I start?  Having never colored eggs before, I'm clearly going to need directions from some eggsperts.  (yup...the puns just keep on coming!)

For direction, I turn to three wonderful friends at work...Anthony, Tara & Rob.  They all agree I need to buy the Paas color kits.  I'm directed to use vinegar to get the best colors possible.  And to use two tablets for more color.  Plus I can use crayons to make designs on the eggs before dipping them into the dye.  Got it.

Anthony will take me to Target during a lunch hour to pick up the Paas kits.

Here's where the fun starts....

Holy cow!  How do little kids not implode with all the choices in the kits??  OMG!  I thought my head was going to explode from all the choices that were before me.  I kept grabbing every kit & debating on whether it would be a big hit or not.

I wanted them all!!!

I ended up getting the traditional kit....

And I bought the Sparkling Glitter kit....while cute in theory, it wasn't the best.  There wasn't enough glitter or sequins in one kit.  Luckily I had bought two, but it still wasn't enough!

The Mini Monsters kit was the big hit of the night!  It came with funky hair & cute stickers to make faces.  Definitely buying this again next year!

And my favorite kit...The Hippie Chick!  Very groovy!!  Fun stickers & wrappers to make your eggs eggstra special!

Overall, I figured these kits would allow for the most creativity & require the least amount of egg dying eggsperience.  Once again, I was right.

So now I'm eggcited!  I'm looking forward to coloring Easter eggs.  I'm thinking this is going to possibly lead to a new tradition.

Of course I already knew the right people to invite over.  How could I not?  I must have the little peeps that I love come over & share in the fun.  Besides they are the ones that let me enjoy myself the most!

So thank you Brian, Trisha, Nicole, Stephanie, Ryan, Awilda & Gaby for coming over.  Thank you for sharing this great eggsperience with me!  And thank you for all the laughs!  I love that we made a mess & laughed & shared & were just able to be ourselves!

Before you can color eggs, clearly you need hard boiled eggs.  Lots & lots of hard boiled eggs.  Trisha will suggest the kids will probably only want to do 4 each, but I know better.  So I grab several dozen eggs at my local supermarket & start the process of getting these eggs cooked. 

The process takes me a few hours.  Not bad.  I developed a system of boiling two pots at once, then letting them cool, then putting them in cool water, then moving on to the next two pots & repeating the process over & over. 

During the process four eggs out of over 60 cracked.  Two were dropped as I am a spazz, one cracked when it moved uneggspectedly in the bowl during the cooling process & the fourth tried to roll out of the bowl before going into the cooling bath.  I caught it between the bowl & my counter thus causing the crack.  I accept responsibility for it.  It was tastey!

And now the eggs can sit in the fridge & cool before we will color them.

I can't wait!
I'm eggcited!
I've spent the week telling everyone about this celebration & how I'm looking forward to doing it.  I'm looking forward to spending time with my nieces & nephews & my friends!  And I'm looking forward to doing something new.

So we start with the eggs....

And of course we have the colors......

And the fun begins!!

For the record, we tried using Crayola crayons to make designs on the eggs before dipping them in the dyes.  Nothing worked.  Not sure if maybe we didn't press hard enough with the crayons or if we didn't leave the eggs in the dye long enough.  It's all good.  We still had fun!

We did use the wax crayon that came in the kit.  It worked for me!
And this was my very first Easter egg!!  I went simple.  I didn't want to go too over the top for my first egg.  I wanted to get a feel for how to do it before I got too crazy.

Out of the 60+ eggs made, I only colored 4!!

The pink one got covered in glitter....

The purple one received a funny face....

The yellow one went Hippie Chick!

The egg my niece Stephanie made for me....

The egg my nephew Gaby made for me...

The Hippie Chick egg from Awilda...

There were a lot of eggs colored tonight....

Messes are always welcome at my means we all had fun!

I got to wear my bunny ears....

So did my niece Stephanie...

And while I am thankful for all the love that surrounds me every day...I love this picture from the nieces Stephanie & Nicole, my nephews Gaby & Ryan.  The four little peeps that always fill my heart with joy!

After everyone left, there were plenty of eggs left for me.  And yes, everyone joked about making egg salad...but I'm eating mine hard boiled for breakfast!

So this now makes 21 celebrations done.  19 more remain.
I'm still enjoying these celebrations.  I'm feeling like this was the right time to do this blog mission.  I feel like these celebrations are making me appreciate my life more.  They are forcing me to enjoy myself.  They are allowing me to let loose & share my shenanigans with others.  Plus I'm learning to go with the flow. 

So stick around....there is more fun to be shared.....

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