Thursday, March 8, 2012

Can I survive without Facebook for 40 days?

163 - give up Facebook for 40 days  DONE!

So I gave up Facebook for 40 days to see if I could even do it.  And I am proud to say....I did it!

On Jan. 4th I announced I was going off of Facebook for 40 days & promised I'd return on Valentine's Day.  And yes, I did plan it that way. 

So how did I survive those 40 days of no silly status updates? 
Hmmm...could it be that Facebook is just a crutch to avoid real life contact for some people?  Now there's a thought....

I admit that I missed making silly status updates.
I also missed reading silly status updates from others.
I missed messages from my friends.
I missed playing Words with Friends. 
I missed seeing new pictures & making comments on them.

But I sure as hell didn't miss the drama!  You know...the nonsense of this one talking about that one or the silly he said/she said crap.  And don't even ask me about the exes wife still wanting to friend me.  I didn't miss any of that drama for one second.

So what did I do for 40 days without Facebook....

I got back into playing my Sims 2 game.  Thanks Sara for getting me addicted again!
I had fun making a Sim character for myself....

My chick doesn't work.  Sorry...I work in real life, in this fake game I don't want the real world drama.  However, nothing in the Sims world is easy!  My character made friends with a vampire.  The Count was a good first anyway.  Things progressed pretty quickly & he became a boyfriend.

After some time together, the Count was kind enough to turn me.  One bite & I was a vampire.

Sadly, things took a turn for the worse & my vampire characters both died.  Guess I should have read the cheat codes on keeping them happy....but alas I did not & so the Grim Reaper paid us a visit.

My sister character in the game moved into the house now available since the Count & I died.  My poor sister...she was so sad about losing us...

I love playing this game!  If only because I love building really wild homes.  And I love not having to play the game fairly by making my people work.  Oh yes...I cheat & give them unlimited money to buy whatever the hell they want.  It's awesome.

Then fast forward to Jan. 26th & a certain friend RENNICK, calling me out on this no Facebook for 40 days mission. 

Apparently since I was posting links to my blog after each entry to Facebook, without actually logging into Facebook, this was considered cheating.  So Rennick was kind enough to text me & call me out on this cheat.  He felt the need to make sure that I did my 40 days of no Facebook fairly. 

After some thought, I asked my friends what they thought & most agreed it was sorta cheating.

No worries.
Fair enough folks.

Now where did I leave that start over button?

So Jan. 27th I went onto Facebook & declared that I accepted I was cheating & would gladly start over.  And thus I started over.....

So let's discuss what I missed sharing on Facebook.....

Whitney Houston found dead....what a shame....another crackhead dies....seriously?  This didn't come as a shock.  Sorry for Whitney's fans.....but what did you expect from her life  after Bobby turned her onto the pipe?  And when oh when will these celebrities learn to stay the hell away from drugs?  And where the hell is her mother while all of this is going on?  So sad.

Coffee & Tea Festival....great time....sorry you all missed being invited....guess some people better learn to read e-mails & stop whining!  Plus maybe learn that a phone works both when you ask me why I didn't call, don't act surprised when I say I have a life!

Davy Jones dies....this is sad news.  Sorry, but I loved Davy when I was a kid.  He'll be missed.

So now I'm back to Facebook & I have to say, I don't like the new layout.  It's a mess.  It's hard to figure out.  I have no clue what the heck happened to my posts & I don't like it.

Hmmm....maybe if I disappear for another 40 days someone will magically change it back to the old version? 

Or maybe I'll have to find the bonehead at Facebook who thought this change would be good & beat them senseless till the fix their mistake?

Or I could delete my Facebook page completely & get back to having a life? that's gonna happen.  Let's face friends need my stupid status updates to get through their boring lives.....right Rennick?

So to Rennick & Koz, you both owe me an apology or a really awesome birthday gift or else I'm calling my mom & having her call you & yell at you both!!!  Face's gonna do more damage than I can even dream of doing & you both know what a sneaky bitch I am! 

So what did I accomplish by giving up Facebook for 40 days?
I found time to work on some projects; went to Queens college for a lecture with an awesome friend & then we found a Glatt Kosher Mexican grill....oh yes, it does exist; I finally hit Home Goods in Port Washington; I spent a day in Philly; I got hooked on Mama's Empanadas in Jackson Heights; I found a new favorite tea....well, several new favorite teas; I read 'Who Moved My Cheese' & realized I hate being a rat; I found my smile; I left my Christmas tree up....seriously, ambient lighting makes me happy; I broke my toe; I left the drama stored on-line; I drank plenty of pots of tea; I found a ring that I thought I had lost; I bought new teacups; I started some trash talk at work with the Dead Weights; I considered getting a fish; I ate a taco; I bought a new bag; & I took on the challenge of having women agree to get together for dinner....but that is still a work in progress!

And most of all, I challenged people to wonder why I was even doing this whole mission of giving up Facebook for 40 days.  So let's see who proves me wrong....let's see who reads this & makes some remark.  I might be surprised to see who really is following this or just pretending.....

19 celebrations done....21 more to go.....

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