Friday, January 13, 2012

Traci's Park Lane Experience....

#161 Find a second job......done

For months I have been looking for a second job.  Something part-time or on the weekends to help me earn a few extra bucks.  Just some extra money to buy new clothes or maybe even do a few of my 40 things.   But something that wouldn't interfere with my full-time day job.

Welcome to Park Lane

A few years ago I went to a Park Lane party with a friend.   At the time, I wasn't approached about joining the Park Lane team.   It didn't phase me as I was there to shop.

Fast forward to September & now I am looking at the Park Lane website.   I was actually looking to place an order, but I ended up applying for a job.

While at the website, I filled out this request to have someone contact me & talk to me about this possible new venture.

Enter Carol B.

Carol is a VP for Park Lane.   She has this amazing energy & she is a delightful person.   She called me to introduce herself & I immediately knew I had made the right choice.

A few days later Carol met me for lunch.   She explained at length the amazing benefits of Park Lane & how this would change my life.   Then she shared part of her gorgeous stash of Park Lane jewelry.

I loved each piece! Every ring, every pair of earrings, every necklace, every piece was better than the last!

And I want it all!

Carol had me set up a party at my place. I invited everyone.

I was excited about this new venture.

I was looking forward to getting new jewelry.

I was excited about taking on this new challenge.

My party was fun. I was thankful for the people who came out & supported me.   I was thrilled to earn my starter kit for free!   And I was thrilled to pieces that Carol is here to mentor me!

After placing my own hostess order I was overjoyed that I was making the right decision to do this.

Now the hard parties.

I know times are tough, so how do I make this possible?   How do I convince people they need to buy jewelry?  I'm still working on that.

In the mean time I am enjoying my new venture & looking forward to whatever awaits me this year with Park Lane.  I made the commitment to doing it & I'm going to have a ton of fun no matter what!

It all started with this pair of earrings from Carol.  I received more compliments on these earrings than on any other piece of jewelry I own!

Whisper Earrings...available in silver or gold.  They are beautiful!

So what do I enjoy most of this new venture?
Sharing gorgeous jewelry!
Having parties with great friends!
Making new friends!
Earning extra money!

Some of my favorite pieces include...

The True Blue necklace.  This one matches my eyes!

My big a$$ bling ring....a/k/a Glitterati ring...

I love red & the Salsa necklace is a gorgeous shade of red for me, as are the Red Hot earrings...

And for when you want to get a little animal instinct...Cheetahlicious!!!

In 2012 I am excited about this new venture.  I am looking forward to sharing more gorgeous Park Lane jewelry with everyone out there. 

So let's see who's really reading this blog...the first person to e-mail me & book a party will receive $100 to spend during their party.  I will also have a FREE piece of Park Lane jewelry for you at your party.

What do you have to lose? 
That's right.....nothing!
Drop me an e-mail at

Let me know you are interested in having a party, getting $100 to spend, & right, the FREE piece of jewelry!

So now I have completed 15 missions out of my 40.
I'm still behind considering I thought I would have been more than halfway done already....but I'm okay with this delay.  It's giving me more time to plan things & to plan them right.  Plus I'm still enjoying being 40! 

The one cool thing about this blog mission is that other people are starting their own missions.  I just wonder how many are going to venture to blog about it??

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