Sunday, January 29, 2012

Alice's Tea Cup....Chapter 1

123 - go to Alice's Tea Cup in NYC   DONE 1/28/12

I love when the day takes me through three boroughs of NY.  I woke up this morning in Queens & got to spend the day in Manhattan & Brooklyn, before returning home to Queens.  And I love traveling without a car.  Buses & subways are a true New Yorkers means of transportation!

Today I will do one of my 40 wonderful celebration missions & it's one that is going to have two more parts....

Today I am excited to share the day with my friend Rennick & his daughter Celia.  If their names ring a bell, it's because they shared the walk over the Brooklyn Bridge with me.  We had so much fun that day that Celia asked to spend another day with me.  I feel so loved! 

Alice's Tea Cup....there are three locations around Manhattan.  Today we are going to the one located on West 73rd Street.  Within walking distance to Central Park, Alice's Tea Cup is on a quiet unassuming block in Manhattan.  The place is small, but fun.  Alice herself would love this place!

There is a little gift shop area when you first walk into the establishment.  I was tempted to buy one of everything....but no shopping today.

Today we are here for the experience.

It starts with finding out there is over an hour wait for a table.  OMG!  Not again!  But the lady tells us we can leave our name & a phone number & they will call us once a table becomes available. I leave my number & we go for a walk.

Central Park is a mere block away.  We head over to Central Park for a little soccer practice as Celia has a game later on.  For a New York winter day, it's a gorgeous today in the Big Apple.  It's sunny & chilly, but warm.  Almost like an early spring day.  I love it!

We find an area where Celia & Rennick can kick around the ball for some practice.  I love watching my friends with their kids.  Rennick is really an awesome dad.  He takes such amazing care of his daughter & watching him practice soccer moves with her is very endearing.

Some random shots of Central Park & soccer practice....

And then the call comes....a table for three is ready.  Woohoo!!  So back to Alice's Tea Cup we go....

When you first walk into the place there is a little gift shop area.  We breezed past it being we were hungry. 

The place itself is small, but really cute.  The decor screams of Alice in Wonderland.  I love it!  I should have taken more pictures inside, but I was too busy enjoying my company.

When you arrive at your table, there is a teacup & saucer already there.  Nothing matched.  It was like you were at the Mad Hatter's table.  I loved it!

A menu invites you to try things like Alice's Curious French Toast or Alice's Granola or Alice's Florentine or you can eat up & try Alice's Mad Morning Tea special.  And there is a delicious lunch menu.  But today, I am sticking to the brunch menu.

After some discussion, we are ready to order.
First, there will be a big pot of flavored black tea.  Vanilla was the flavor of choice.
I am having the crepes.  The mixed berry crepes drizzled with fresh made creme anglaise.
Rennick & Celia are having Alice's Curious French Toast.  It is the most unusual french toast I have ever seen!  It's french toast cubed & piled up in a bowl with fresh fruit & maple syrup.  The maple syrup is at the bottom of the bowl under the cubed french toast & it's simply heavenly! 

In front of Alice's Tea Cup...

My delicious plate of crepes...

Alice's Curious French Toast....

The mixed matched teacup & saucer I had...
The teapot....
And the tea...

The food menu & the tea menu...

After enjoying our meals & time for digesting, we decided we needed something more before we leave.  I decided to try a fresh made mixed berry scone served with clotted cream & raspberry jam.  Celia opted for the big chocolate chip cookie.....

Overall, it was a great celebration.  I had the best people join me for a delightful afternoon tea brunch in Alice's Tea Cup.  Alice herself could not have made this more fun!

I am thankful for the friends in my life.  I am grateful for the times with them.  I appreciate that they are enjoying my celebrations as much as I am.  And I love sharing these celebrations with the friends who know how to enjoy themselves with me. 

Thanks Rennick & Celia for making today a great day for me!  I'm looking forward to sharing many more celebrations with you both.

For the record, Celia's soccer team, The Killer Limes, won their game, 1-0!!  Great game ladies!  Good hussle! 

So with 16 celebrations completed, 24 remain.  I feel like I am still behind schedule, but I know that a few things are going to get done soon.  There are several things being planned.  And I'm looking forward to the celebrations that aren't planned, but just happen.

Overall, turning 40 was amazing!  I could not have done these missions at any other age.  I just don't think I would have appreciated them. 

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