Friday, July 29, 2011

#117 go to Adventureland...

Done 7/24/11

The best days are the ones where you don't plan anything in advance.  Instead you let the day take you where you are meant to go.  So while I planned the brunch, the trip to Adventureland was totally unplanned & yet amazingly it will be the highlight of this day for me.

It's the perfect day to go to Adventureland.  It's not scortchingly hot out, yet you'll want to ride the water rides to cool off just a little.  And the kids won't complain about the heat, so yes, this is the perfect day for this trip.

Adventureland is located on Rte 110 in Farmingdale, NY.  It's a fun amusement park with various rides & plenty of games for winning stuff. 

We start the magic by going on the Adventure Falls ride.  Built in 2000, it's Long Islands first & currently only, log flume ride.  Just a little fun fact found on their website.  It's a ride with lots of laughs.

We'll also ride the Little Dipper which is the smaller version of Adventure Falls.  It's a quick ride, but fun.

Crocodile Run was my favorite water ride.  Nicole & I will get soaked!  Thanks Nicole for the laughs.  It was worth waiting in line for it.

Music Express is a favorite of mine.  I love the loud music & that you get a little dizzy going round & round on this one.

The Bumper Cars however, will always be the BEST RIDE EVER!  I love having road rage & having the right place to express it!  FYI...any little boys thinking about getting Nicole stuck in the corner better not turn their back on me!  Aunt Traci will bump the heck outta ya!!

The Glass House is a quick walk through, but try doing it with my three little rays of sunshine.  They make the walk an adventure.

The Antique Cars are too cute to pass up.  Although Stephanie drove, she admitted she wasn't 'really' driving.  'It's only pretend' as she will tell me.  It's okay Steph, you're still a good driver!

My next best ride...the Wave Swing.  I pass Adventureland every so often being I work in the area.  I am forever whining about going on these swings....well, I shall whine no more!!

And we also went on the Lady Bug Coaster.  Ryan will ask me to ride with him & we'll end up riding twice.  One tip on this you near the end of the first lap, get ready to smile or do something silly for the photo that is going to be taken.  At the start of the second ride, Ryan will tell me that he is going to do something silly for his pose.  As we near the turn, Ryan gets me ready for the picture about to be taken.  I freak out.  I have no clue what to do.  So I scream 'WooHoo', stick out my tongue & raise my arms.

Ryan, this is truly the BEST RIDE PHOTO EVER!!
Thank you Buddy.  I will cherish it always!

I will also cherish the dog that Stephanie won for me playing a game.  And I love how excited she was over the Smurfette I won for her.  And I know Ryan loved his Smurf.  I know I also cherish my Smurfette from Trisha.

For a day that was only supposed to be brunch & a shopping trip to Home Goods, it turned out to be a great day.  One filled with lots of laughs, great memories, & fun photos.

So with five celebrations now done, I'm starting to get excited again about this mission.  Thirty-five more celebrations remain.  I'm not sure what is next or when it's going to be...I just know it's going to be something fun.  And it will be done on my schedule.

Stick around.
More fun will be shared....

For now, here are a few pics from the day....

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