Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pizza....Staten Island...Denino's

111 - go for pizza in all 5 boros; Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx & Staten Island

Staten Island - done 4/29/12
I still love pizza!  Nothing has changed since my trip to Grimaldi's.  And nothing will ever change my love for pizza.

And I love this mission of going for pizza in all five boroughs.  I have always thought Queens was home to the best pizza around...hmm...I might have to rethink that opinion.

So today I am headed to Staten Island with Raul for pizza.  And he has chosen Denino's.  He has chosen wisely!
For starters, Denino's is a famous place.  Much like Grimaldi's they sell the pizza by the pie.  No slices are available for sale!  So when you come here & you will want to, bring friends or show up very hungry!
We arrive early & park in the lot.  Since they open at noon on Sunday's, we have some time to walk around.  And since this is my first venture to Staten Island, I'm up for looking around. 
Across the street from Denino's is a Ralph's Ices.  Our waitress will inform us later that this is the original Ralph's.   
We also find a few little stores....none open this gorgeous Sunday.  There was an antique store that showed teacups in the window.....luckily they were closed.  I don't need another teacup!  And the handbag store is apparently by appointment only on Sundays.  Good to know for next time & yes, there will be another visit to Denino's.....there has to be!

Once inside Denino's there is a warmth that greets you.  The place is simple, but yet inviting.  And places like that are often the best places to eat! 
We are seated in a booth & take some time to review the menu.  With me today is my best friend Raul.  Since he is a vegetarian, there shall be no meat on the pizza.  Fine.  No worries.  There are plenty of meatless options.
We agree to the Denino's Margarita pie which is fresh mozzerella, basil, marinara sauce, & sprinkled with grated cheese.  It sounds delish, right?  Well, I'm sure it is....but we didn't get it.
Our waitress, Michelle, realized that we have not been here before.  She gladly offers us some advice on the food.  And she suggests that for first time visitors to Denino's, we have to go with the cheese pie.  How could we argue with her?  She was really cool!
So cheese pie it is!
While waiting for our food, we have time to check out the other people now filling up the seats.  And let me tell you, this place is definitely going to be good.  With all the people filing in, this place has to be good.
Our pie arrives...

Why is in fact delicious!

That first slice....

Mmmm....can you taste it?  I can & it's wonderful!  A little slice of heaven!  I wish I had more right now!!!

So warm & delicious & perfect!  A Denino's Cheese Pe is perfect for your first trip to Staten Island.  It's a pie that is meant to be shared with a great friend.  And Raul, I'm glad I got to share this pie with you!

So with two boroughs now done, three remain before this mission can be closed out.

Anyone know a great place for pizza in Manhattan?  How about da Bronx? 

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