Monday, December 26, 2011

A final note for 2011...

Like a roller coaster ride, 2011 was filled with lots of highs & lows & scary twists & turns.  But as always, the ride comes to an end & just when I think I can't do it again, I get back in line for more.

I had high hopes for celebrating turning 40 this year with this blog mission.  And while I've enjoyed the celebrations completed so far, I allowed for too much drama to get in my way.  Well, that's not going to be allowed in 2012 as I finish this mission.

So what have I learned by doing this 40 celebrations mission?

For starters, I am learning who my real friends are in life. 
These are the people who have repeatedly shown me support & have read the blog list & laid claim to what missions I am doing & which ones they want to join me in doing.  These are the people who love me for me & don't ask me to change.

I'm learning to share control when it comes to planning events. 
Now let me clarfy the beginning when I was planning my celebrations there were delays due to letting others set my schedules.  I put a stop to that nonsense.  By sharing control, I'm listening more to what others have to say.  I'm accepting suggestions without giving up my plans.  I'm being more understanding about other people's schedules, even when others aren't so understanding of my own.

I've learned to appreciate paying for experiences versus materialistic items. 
Thank you Trisha for reminding me to do this.  I find myself wanting to shop less, but experience more.  I'm looking forward to more experiences & less materialistic items.

I've learned that no matter how hard I try, friends will disappoint me from time to time. 
Whatever.  Life happens.  I can 1-let it fester until I flip out, 2-wait to be unfriended on Facebook, or 3-talk to the person & work it out.  Luckily my real friends will get option #3.  All the #2's have already been taken care of & the #1's aren't around any more thanks to #2!

And mostly I have learned to appreciate myself a lot more.
While I have often been accused of being arrogant or even too full of myself, I correct people by letting them know this is just my overly healthy dose of self-esteem.  I feel like my self-esteem has risen a few points since doing this mission.  I'm realizing more & more that only I can make myself truly happy.  Relax perverts...I'm not talking about sex, so get your minds out of the gutter!  I'm talking about my self-worth, self-esteem & even my inner peace.  I can't go looking for it elsewhere like I would in men, food, bad relationships, stupid people...oh no, it's in me or it doesn't exist at all!  So while my 'friend' list on Facebook fell a few notches, my self-esteem rose up.  And for that, I am thankful!

As always, I love me.  I love myself for who I am & how I am.  I make no apologizes about it.  If I hurt your feelings, you must let me know & give me the chance to correct the situation.  If not, then I guess we aren't meant to be friends. 

I love everything about myself...flaws & all!
I love that I can lose & gain & lose weight & still feel beautiful.
I love my crazy insanely funny inner child & I love that she comes out to play!
I love that I can be a brainy dork or the chick who can quote movies during a meal.
I love being so neurotic about this blog that I will re-write each entry several times before it gets published. (4 re-writes on this one alone!)
I love being able to stand up for myself, even if others can't.

So which celebration has been my favorite so far?
All of them!

Who else could have gotten several friends together to chow down on some yummy Chinese food & watch as I make a fool of myself doing karaoke? 

And who has everyone wanting to do a tea party?

Midnight movies are suddenly becoming trendy...even if I haven't been to many lately, I'm getting late night texts to go to them!

My trip to Adventureland produced tons of great memories plus the best ride photo ever!  And I'm glad I shared that with my nephew Ryan!

I want to plan another brunch at 3 Brothers.  It was both delicious & fun!

What's the point of a trip to Times Square unless you ride the ferris wheel in Toy R US??  That's right...there is no point!

And you should stop in to Build-A-Bear & see what you can make!  Your head will implode with all the options!  I swear I think I need another trip Marble Monkey needs a friend!

While in Times Square, stop into Ellen's Stardust diner.  Grab some vittles, but stay for the dessert!  I highly recommend a slice of the Radio City.

Lending a hand to help a friend is always a worthy celebration.  I'm glad my friend Meri is doing well with her Stella & Dot venture!

And I'm thankful for Awilda taking me to see the Mets.

And for the blind date...even if it left me still single!

I'm looking forward to going through the Corn Maze at the Queens County Farm again...but not till next year!

And as always I will walk at Jones Beach to save the Ta-Ta's! 

I appreciate Brooklyn a lot more having travelled across the Brooklyn Bridge.  I'm looking forward to going back to place a lock on the cables...

And my pizza mission is only 1/5 done having gone to Grimaldi's in Brooklyn.  Four more boroughs to go!

So far I have completed 14 missions.  The pizza one isn't done...yet!
I am feeling good about this mission.  I'm looking forward to whatever happens next.

I think back over the finished celebrations & I smile.  I'm thankful for the friends who came out & shared the time with me.  I'm thankful for the amazing memories & photos I have to share.  And I'm thankful I still have more missions to complete.

As this roller coaster ride of a year comes to an end, I want to thank my friends for the continued support.  I am looking forward to a fresh start in 2012.  I am asking everyone to leave the drama behind & think positive thoughts for us all.

Happy Holidays everyone!
And here's to a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year!

much love,

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