Thursday, December 16, 2010

My thoughts tonight ~ 12/16/10

Last week I ended up going out to dinner with my friend Trisha, her three adorable kids, & her mom, whom I adore.  They are like family to me.  During the dinner Trisha asked about this blog & I was all too happy to explain it.  She was quick to start dropping some suggestions & her kids were also dropping suggestions.  Sadly, I didn't have pen to write these suggestions down.  In fact, I'm only remembering two things... 1- walk across the Brooklyn Bridge & 2 - go to the Statue of Liberty.  Both will be added to the list.

Fast forward to yesterday & my lunch w/Hippie Dave.  Ahh...Hippie Dave.  HD is a friend at work.  He is my food one else will go to White Castle & at times, he is my own private shrink.  HD, my buddy who laughs at & continues to encourage my crazy shenanigans.  As we eat lunch in Wendy's I tell HD about my blog mission.  I let him know I am very serious about this & that I would love his input.  He is grinning before I even finish my invitation offer which can only mean he has an idea or two already.  Yup...he does.  I'm afraid to ask, but he offers up the first suggestion...'Go skinny dipping in a lake'.  OMG!  I am laughing, but admit that I will add it to the list.  I may or may not pick it as my 20 things to do...but it's out there for consideration.

So here is the list as of tonight.  I've added a few things that hit me as I started working on this blog entry.  I want more suggestions.  I want more challenges.

1 - full body massage
2 - take a hike
3 - frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity in NYC
4 - Gravity Hill in Bedford, Pa! You come, I'll drive!
5 - learn to speak Spanish
6 - read 'War & Peace'
7 - get a tattoo
8 - take Salsa lessons
9 - take a cooking class
10 - get set up on a blind date
11 - hostess a tea party
12 - ride a Harley
13 - buy 40 different pairs of socks
14 - get a make over
15 - get 40 people to join me for a picnic in a park
16 - go whale watching
17 - eat a papaya...I've never had one
18 - cook a Thanksgiving dinner
19 - sing karaoke w/some friends
20 - visit the gravesite of Billie Burke, Glenda from 'The Wizard of Oz' in Vallhalla, NY
21 - learn sign language
22 - paint my bedroom
23 - clean out the living room closet
24 - go to Niagara Falls
25 - Spend the day in Philadelphia
26 - go on a "spiritual Retreat"
27 - rodeo riding
28 - bungy jumping
29 - walk across the Brooklyn bridge
30 - go to the Statue of Liberty
31 - start a book club
32 - go skinny dipping
33 - go on a photo taking tour of Queens
34 - ask out a certain guy at the gym
35 - get a group of people to walk in the Breast Cancer walk at Jones Beach
36 - write the next great American novel
37 - go to a movie every day for one week
38 - learn to knit
39 - go to a Zumba class
40 - go to a hot yoga session
41 - try the belly dancing class at the gy


  1. It's in PA. It's a hill that when you put you car in nuetral at the bottom of the hill, your car actually rolls back up the hill! My friend Lisa suggested it.

  2. Hmmm...what about: visit a state/city that you've always wanted to visit; try pole-dancing (I heard it's the new craze. They offer classes in my area.); chop down your own Christmas tree; donate to a charity you never thought you would give money to; volunteer at a soup kitchen; volunteer at an animal shelter; go Christmas Caroling???

    Just a few ideas to get you thinking! Hope your holidays are merry and bright!

  3. What? Can you explain this Gravity Hill? or this anti-gravity hill? Why would this happen? Oh, nevermind but can we call it Anti-Gravity Hill for now on?

  4. Shel, great ideas! I will add them to the list.

    Janis, I just think it's something fun to try...Gravity Hill. Google it. Some people posted videos that are cool to watch.