Tuesday, October 26, 2010

40 New Things Challenge...

Good evening & welcome to my first internet blog!  Sit back & enjoy!

So let me start by explaining why you are reading this & why you should follow this blog.  It all started when my friend & little sister by association, Janis, got me to this site.  See, she was blogging about finding freebies for her birthday & asked us to join her journey.  It was fun.  Then once I started reading around the blogs on this site, I figured it was time to give back. 

But what do I blog about?
Losing weight?  I already did that on my Facebook notes.
Finding Mr. Right?  Yea...I have a better shot at finding a Yeti.
Work?  Umm...that could probably get me fired!
Life?  I'm still looking for the instruction manual on that!

So then I figured I'd blog about turning 40.  But there needs to be a hook, a gimmick, a reason for you to keep reading these entries.  And let's face it, I need a hook, a gimmick, a reason for wanting to make these entries!  Then it dawned on me.  That 'a ha' moment.  You know the one...you get that idea & realize you are now on a mission.  So now I'm on a mission & I invite you all to come along w/me.  This is going to be an interactive blog.  Yup, you read that right...an interactive blog.  Oh & I'm not talking about you leaving a comment & I reply.  Nope.  That won't cut it.  For you see, this blog mission is only going to work if enough people actually interact w/me.

So here goes...
On May 19, 2011 I will celebrate turning 40 years of life.  I've got this crazy idea to celebrate for 40 weeks doing 40 new things.  See here's where this becomes the interactive blog...I'm asking people to post suggestions for things to do for 40 weeks.

Here are the guidelines...Challenge me to run out of my comfort zone.  While I have a great self-esteem, I admit to being a true Taurus who often gets too cozy in a set routine.  Keep in mind the cost of these challenges.  If I have to travel too far, it probably won't make the list.  And dare me to get a little crazy...just not jail time crazy!

Think about it...
40 weeks to celebrate my life
40 new things to try
40 challenges to get me out of my comfort zone
40 shenanigans w/photographic proof!!!

Okay, if you're still reading you are now wondering how I'm going to pick the 40 new things to do.  Damn good question.  I will pick 20 things from your list of suggestions, so shock me, dare me, challenge me, impress the heck out of me!  The other 20 will be chosen by you...because this is going to be an interactive blog!

And now you might be wondering why I am doing this blog now being my birthday isn't for a few more months.  Once again, good question.  Time & money.  I am going to need time to work out each new event & there might be costs involved that I need to plan for.  Plus I'm allowing time for you all to come up w/some awesome ideas. 

So go for it.  Get creative.  Dare me.  Challenge me.  Amaze me.  Get me out there having fun for 40 weeks!

I plan to post a blog weekly for the 40 weeks & yes, photos will be shared!  I am sure I'm going to need some photographic proof for some of these challenges. 

Thanks for reading. 
And feel free to share this w/your friends.  Come on...you know someone who is going to love this! 



  1. Got one--volunteer for the ING New York Marathon!! Nov 7th/ Sunday. There is still time to sign up!

  2. oh PS. This First one is very YOU and very well written! (I think)

  3. Thanks!!
    I can't do the ING thing as the 40 New Things will not start till May of 2011. But maybe I can do it next year...we'll see. :)

  4. When does this start? What week will be week one? It is so funny that I can't think of anything except skydiving. I feel like that is the thing everyone does when they havea major list like this. But I am still thinking. Thanks for making me famous! xoxo

  5. Janis, I'm thinking of starting either the weekend before my birthday or the weekend right after. My birthday falls on a Thursday next year. And I'm planning to do one thing a week for 40 weeks. I'm really excited about this.

  6. Turn the tables on your trainer and put him over your knee and spank him for a change!

  7. Is your trainer on here? I wonder what his ideas would be!

  8. If my trainer was on here he'd probably find a way to get me to train harder!!

  9. then don't send him the link!!!

  10. I'm not! But I am sharing the link w/others. I had expected to see more comments by now...but it's okay. I'm sure people will help me reach my goal.

  11. Are you a hiker? You should take a week long backpacking trip on one of the beautiful trails we have in America. I'm from Montana, so we have a lot of easily accessible trails to get to.

  12. ooh, ooh, you should go to Serendipity in NY and get the frozen hot chocolate. I saw it on the Food Network and people have told me to try it but I never got around to it. oh, and then walk up the Empire State Building. Wait, first the walk and then the dessert. Don't want a cramp.

  13. Obsidian, I'm not a hiker...but I do enjoy the challenge. So there it is. #2...take a hike. I live in Queens & we have several parks around here. I believe Alley Pond Park actually has a hiking trail.

    Janis, I believe you have given me #3...get the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity in NYC. I don't think they'd let me walk up in the Empire State Bldg. But I can look into it. :)

  14. Gravity Hill in Bedford, Pa! You come, I'll drive!

  15. Lisa!!! Yippee!! I didn't see the comment right away. Sweet! I'll add it to the list. :)